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Passion for Fashion Charges AR and VR Couture Trends


Enticing new technologies are being utilised by the clothing retailers and designers so as to fascinate the fashionistas. They want to spark the AR and VR couture trends and also help everyone to discover styles with an ideal fit. Fashion industry innovators are shifting to new technologies, with the advent of the augmented and virtual reality, so as to bring their creative concepts to life. Ruvan Wijesooriya, who is a fashion photographer and creator of “Unstitched” (which is a VR-powered video that carries the viewers behind the scenes of a ‘high-fashion’ cover shoot), says that this new space, VR, indeed requires thinking out-of-the-box.Wijesooriya’s “Unstitched” could qualify as a stylish, high-energy music video, with its beautiful subjects, pulsating soundtrack and playful edits.“Unstitched” is the outcome of a collaboration between Virtualize and The Endless Collective, which is visual effects and game developer group that addressed Wijesooriya about functioning on a project.The ultimate project was released in a variety of styles. There was the full VR experience and a print magazine cover story for Iceland’s version of Glamour issued on several social media outlets as 360-degree videos and flat-screen.Wijesooriya says that it’s a marvellous creative process to make work directed for various media outputs at the same time.

Renowned fashion house Dior used a svelte, custom-built VR headset which is known as ‘Dior Eyes’ so as to allow the shoppers at select Dior boutiques virtual access to one of the most private areas in the fashion which include the backstage at a runway show. Dior Eyes contains video and audio from backstage at one of the Dior’s ready-to-wear fashion shows.The 100% 3D-printed VR headset highlights a smartphone with a high-density screen and a custom-built VR app that can execute 360-degree audio and video.

At the Department Store


eBay and Australian retailer Myer declared a partnership in which they’d employ VR tech to change the shopping experience for ‘at-home’ fashionistas.Mark Cripsey, who is Myer’s Chief Digital and Data Officer said that the virtual reality market is a look into the future probabilities of shopping.In order to access the store, the users download the eBay Virtual Reality Department Store app and then introduce their phone into a VR viewer. Shoppers operate the store using eBay Sight Search, which is a new technology that enables them to browse and buy items making use of their eyes. By keeping their gaze on an item, the users can view details about it, which includes the availability and price. Moreover, they can look at it from various angles and place it in their shopping cart.

In the Future
When the Virtual Reality puts viewers in a condition separate from their current environment, the Augmented Reality combines digital elements with the existing reality. In the matter of NORMALS’ AR-powered “future fiction” plan, ‘APPAREL’, that digital element is a unique outfit displaying a user’s social media activity.After the APPAREL app is connected to a user’s Twitter profile, its data-mining algorithm views at factors such as frequency of posting, recurring keywords and the number of followers. Those variables define the aspect of that user’s digital garb, which can be seen on a digital model online, on a printable Augmented Reality target or perhaps on a physical APPAREL cape at an interactive installation.


According to the NORMALS’ team, the user’s data is converted into 3D garments that signify a feature of one’s personality or personal interest, along with a ‘web twist.’ The NORMALS team, while referring to the “web twist”, said that if you tweet a lot concerning animals or pets, your APPAREL will grow hair. On the other hand, if you tweet more about sports, you will develop huge polygonal muscles. They also say that, finally you end up wearing your own avatar, the ‘you on steroids’ that may not survive past social networking platforms. Brennen says that they are looking forward to a time where a customer will examine their measures and share them with a retailer so that an entirely accurate description of themselves will exist within the virtual market.

You never understand when that time will arise because it may be even closer than you realise. The MemoMi (MemoryMirror), which is powered by an Intel Core i7 processor, assists the shoppers to track and memorise all the items they tried on. It saves 360-degree images of all the items. The customer can later use the smart mirror so as to help reassess the earlier outfits without having to put it on for a second, third or fourth trial.One of the many unique and latest smart shopping devices popping up in stores all over the country is the smart mirror. Here, the buyers will be able to digitally scan their bodies with the help of Intel RealSense technology and then create a custom Brooks Brothers shirt. Those people who are looking for shoes at Nordstrom have the chance to use the store’s correct foot scanning solution to obtain the perfect pair.This latest technology goes to prove that even if the little black headset is giving the small black dress some heated competition, every fashionista understands it’s yet all about the proper and exact shoes.