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Prince Harry arrives in Australia for military duties


Canberra: Prince Harry is reported to have arrived in Australia for a four-week placement visit.
During his visit he will be performing certain official duties with the Australian Defense Force.
Before reporting officially for duty, he visited the tomb of an unknown Australian soldier in Canberra and laid a wreath there.
He has also handed over a letter from the Queen of Britain to the Australian military officials.
In that letter the Queen has expressed hope that her grandson would benefit greatly by spending time with the Australian troops.
The Queen has also displayed her delight and wished for the long and abiding association between the Australian and British armies as per the military reassignment to be carried out by her grandson, Prince Harry.
According to the Queen, the agreement would enable the armed forces of the two countries to share skills, resources and resolve in order to uphold and defend for common values.
The Prince who is known as Captain Wales in his military role, will be leaving the British army in June after 10 years’ meritorious service.
During his placement in Australia, he will be patrolling with Domestic soldiers and train with the country’s special forces.
He officially reported for duty to Air Chief Marshal Mark Binskin, Chief of the Defense Force, after laying wreath and placing flowers at the Australian War Memorial.
The Australian military has exclaimed the placement as hectic and most challenging, while the prince said that he had been “tremendously looking forward” to it.
It is understood that the prince would do voluntary work for charities later this year while considering his his future options.


Video on the official visit of Prince Harry to Australia