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Ramalinga Vilasam Palace in Rameswaram


Ramalinga Vilasam Palace is a heritage building in Rameswaram which highlights centuries old history and tradition. This spectacular monument was built by Kizhavan Sethupathi, one of the popular kings of Sethupathi dynasty. He is assumed to have ruled that region from 1674 to 1710. The palace is believed to have survived various calamities that occurred in this region during several seasons. The palace is located at a distance of 55 km from the city of Ramanathapuram. The structural complex, consists of a main Durbar hall, residential buildings, private rooms, weapon store and a cave. The building is considered to be around 350 years old. According to the official book of Archaeological Department, the construction of the palace must have taken place between 1690 and 1710.
Ramalinga Vilasam’ is a structure of surprising discoveries. Interesting feature regarding centuries old palace is its unique style, architecture and planning which represents the nature of construction prevalent in Tamil Nadu. Brick, stone and timber palace were the two among the materials used for building the monument. Moreover equal importance was being given to preserve the furniture, utensils and other items used by Sethupathy Kings.
Understanding the customs and rituals of the Sethupathy Kings is a memorable experience. Visitors can view the wonders of ancient architecture, lifestyle and heirlooms of that royal dynasty.
The size and splendor of this colossal structure can never be understood by a casual glance. The beautiful murals viewed in the palace illustrate the lifestyle of Sethupathi Kings, their battles with the Marathas and their precious contacts with European rulers. The palace also houses a featured museum comprising of full of weapons, which were used by the Sethupathi dynasty. The main weapons seen in this archaeological museum are sword, gun, iron spear, boomerang and remnants from Alagankulam excavations and more. There are also paintings which represent royal warfare, gods and goddesses they worshipped etc.


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