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Reactions of wild animals over their own mirror reflections are traced out


Ecuador: Recently, wildlife experts Anne-Marie and Xavier Hubert-Brierre were installed a series of mirrors deep in the Nyonie forest, in Ecuador, to monitor the reactions of wild animals when they happened to view their own own mirror reflections. Their desire and curiosity to understand the reactions of the wild animals while seeing their mirror reflections were very strong. To achieve this, both of them were traveled distances to set up mirrors in several locations in the forest. From the footage received, it has been found that in most cases their reactions were bewilderment while in certain cases aggression. It is being revealed that chimps were using the opportunity to arrange themselves properly while leopards and gorillas were reacted angrily at the similarly looking images. To capture such images, the cameras with motion sensors were hidden in security boxes. The motion sensors were capable to trigger the cameras whenever some wildlives walked close to the mirrors. The results were really fantastic, with one entertaining reaction of a leopard which tried to paw at the companion it seen in the mirror. In another, a huge silver-back gorilla was stared at his reflection for a while, before started charging at the mirror and attempting to encounter with it. That gorilla would have been thought its image as another similar animal. An elephant was also posted a brief look at the mirror image before calmly walking away. Cats and dogs were often seen pouncing or barking at their mirror reflections. A groups of chimpanzees were seen spending a lot of time near the mirror. They were utilizing

the occasion to make themselves clean by looking at the image. Interestingly, only a few animals like humans were able to recognize their own mirror reflections, known as the mirror self-recognition test. It is said that humans typically show self-recognition ability from an age of about 18 months.   Video on the reactions of wild animals over their mirror reflections