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Rich people sleep better than poor people


USA: A recent study has proved that people from lower incomes, ethnic minorities and women get less sleep when compared to the deep sleep hours of rich people.
The conclusion put-forth by researchers is as per the surveys conducted on more than 270,000 students of public and private schools in America between 1991 and 2012.
In the survey students were asked two questions of which the first was how often they used to sleep more than seven hours a night.
Next was how often they used to sleep less than they should be.
The Columbia University study has found that women and people from lower income groups and people from ethnic minority families get less sleep than wealthier, white males.
But these people have not felt that they are sleep deprived.
Although they were getting less than seven hours’ sleep per night, students from lower-income and ethnic minority families still have the opinion that they were getting enough rest.
The recommended amount of sleep is nine hours per night for teenagers.
The study might show that lower-income families don’t have enough education to know about the importance of sleep to health.
Inadequate sleep will be due to mental health issues, academic problems, substance abuse and weight gain.
The Children aged 15 have been reported the biggest drop in sleep.
In 1991, 72% of children regularly slept for seven hours or more per night.
By 2012, that proportion had fallen to 63%.
Thus in general, up to a third of teenagers are not getting enough regular sleep and the problem is only getting worse.
It has been found that the comfortable sleep rate of teenagers have been declining at a steady pace since 1991.
As per the studies conducted, adults need 7 to 9 hours sleep during night.
The study suggested that the decline in youngsters’ sleep is probably because of obesity.
It is a well known fact that obesity can lead to shortage of sleep and other sleep disturbances.
It was around 1990s, that obesity observed rising in young people which caused a simultaneous decrease in the amount of sleep they got at night.
So this conclusion is actually pretty uncontroversial.


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