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Rs. 1,000 notes found floating in sea at Gateway of India


Mumbai (India): Money worth Rs. 1,000 notes were seen floating in sea water near Gateway of India. Most probably, these rupees notes might have been thrown by an unknown person into the sea water. When the notes sighted, a few locals were seen jumping into the waters to show their daredevilry.
No one really knew about the source of the notes found in sea water. When the news regarding the notes in the seawater were spread out, the crowd began to gather ashore near the Gate Way of India. Meanwhile, the number of people started jumping over the waves risking their life were increased. The tendency of people, forced the Mumbai police to deploy more personnel to ensure no more lives would be risked.
Onlookers at the location started spreading various rumors regarding the appearance of the money in the seawater. However the police was not ready to confirm any of such baseless sayings with out proper evidence. They only said that the source of the money was unknown to them. Some said that the money would have thrown into the sea by some unidentified wealthy person who might have suffered torture from some thieves at the Gateway around noon. Other spread out news was the money might be from a garland of currency notes used for religious purposes.
It was local fishermen who spotted the money first and jumped across the wall to collect the notes of money worth Rs. 1000/=. It is said that some people were lucky enough to collect as much as Rs. 3,000. Passers-by were taken pictures and there were much discussions on social media about the floating treasure at the Gateway of India.
During certain rare occasions, one or two notes can be seen floating in seawater near the shore. But they cannot be retrieved in any way as the waves take them back to the outer sea or some other locations. This was absolutely an unusual incident as several notes were visible in the sea until late evening.


Video on floating 1,000 rupees notes in Mumbai