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Sarovaram Biopark in Kozhikode


Sarovaram Biopark in Kozhikode is the only eco-friendly bio-park in Kerala. This is an absolute Government of India enterprise. The main intention of this unique project is to encourage conservation of mangrove forests and wetlands and thereby to promote eco-tourism in the region. The bio-park is located right at the heart of the city of Kozhikode. The canal walkway, boating facilities, Otter Park, Butterfly Park, bird sanctuary, aquarium, floating rafts, board-walk, park/ musical fountain, open air theatre are popular attractions here. The 11 km long water canal which passes in front of the Bio-park touches two main rivers (Elathur and Kallai Rivers) by its two ends.
The project is spread over an area of 200 acres and mainly comprises of Kottoli Urban Wetland which lies by the side of the NH Bypass between Eranjipalam and Baby Memorial Hospital Junction. Other villages which come under this project are Vengeri and Kasaba. This is one of the 27 wetlands of natural importance as declared by the Government of India under National Wetland conservation program. The Government of India has decided to move ahead with the construction plans while the developmental programs are planned to carrying out in different phases. Being the first phase, the Sarovaram Bio Park project has been completed fully and opened for the public.
The park is constructed in traditional Kerala style recalling the eco-friendly theme as well as the culture of the State to promote tourism. Authorities are of the hope that the functioning of the Sarovaram Bio-park will help a great deal to bring out conservation of the nearby wetland region that comes under the project. The proposed project area has been considered into six zones such as Green Belt, Canolly Canal, Active Recreation Zone, Kalipoika, Bird Sanctuary Area and Mangrove Bio-Reserve
Combination and conservation of eco-system with tourism initiatives through education and awareness programs are to be achieved by building recreation and leisure activities in association with the park. To fulfill this requirement, the project also involves the establishment of entertainment centers like Butterfly Park, Otter Park, Bird sanctuary, Aquarium etc. Other major components of the project are canal walkway, boating facilities, coracles, floating rafts, board-walk, park musical fountain, open air theater, Interpretation center etc.
In the wide spread wetlands, mangrove forests are growing in abundance. Seven mangrove species are traced out from the area so far. Fauna in the region is said to be ranging from protozoa to otter. Moreover, it has become the natural home for a variety of birds including both water birds and land birds. Altogether twenty species of birds are found existing in this naturally pleasant habitat. The presence of these spectacular birds and existence of different types of fauna has made this park a must visit location for bird watchers and environmentalists. The biodiversity prevailing in this area has been transforming the Sarovaram bio-park region as an ideal place for eco-tourism.


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