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Seventeen endangered monkeys stolen from French zoo


Beauval(France): Extremely rare and fragile monkeys are reported to have stolen from a zoo in Beauval, France.
An animal sanctuary source said that the thieves were succeeded in avoiding security cameras and patrols in their attempt to steal the rare animals from the the zoo.
Regarding the animal theft the sanctuary’s director said that two families of endangered monkeys including seven golden lion tamarins and 10 silver marmosets were stolen from the zoo in central France over the weekend.
The extremely rare and fragile monkeys are said to have received by the zoo as part of an international breeding program.
The stolen golden lion tamarins were belonged to the Brazilian government.
The zoo authorities had absolutely no idea about the theft and now they are really wondering to see how it had happened.
The zoo is currently analyzing the theft through CCTV footage and the French police as well as the veterinary services have been informed about the missing of monkeys from the zoo..
Concerns are now mounting for the health of the monkeys as they require a strict diet schedules and hence allowed to be owned and sold to only specialists.
One of the golden loin tamarins also has an injury on its tail which needs daily attention.
The zoo director said that it was essential for them to find out these missing animals so quickly.
According to the zoo people these endangered species are very difficult to be fed and should be looked after by specialists always.


Video on golden lion tamarin monkeys