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Software to predict human personality based on Facebook likes


Cambridge(UK): It is found that Computers can determine personality of individuals better than their friends. This can be performed by analyzing the posts that they have been liking on Facebook. This is as per the study conducted by some software researchers of the Cambridge University.
To develop personality scores, the researchers have now analyzed the reports given by the individuals in association with their openness, conscientiousness, sociability, agreeableness, and psychology. Thus they have created an algorithm which can accurately find out personality of individuals by simply analyzing their Facebook interactions with respect to their aforesaid qualities. Surprisingly, it can deliver one’s character better than their close friends.
According to the researchers their software can predict the personality of participants by analyzing mere ten likes in Facebook. By analyzing 70 ‘Likes’ the software can develop a truer picture of someone’s character better than his friend or room-mate. It is said that ‘Likes’ in Facebook are the generic representation of the character of one individual.
Co-author Dr David Stillwell, who is also from Cambridge University, categorized the ability to judge the personality of an individual as an essential component of social living. According to him, from day-to-day decisions to long-term plans such as whom to marry, trust, hire, or elect as president can be understood from these software analysis reports.


Video on the personality prediction based on Facebook likes