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Some Key Tips to Develop College Admission Essays


Nowadays the number of students seeking admission in colleges is far higher than the limited number of seats available there. Hence to secure a seat in any college for higher education is becoming very difficult when time passes. But the college authorities prefer to select only brilliant students for their institution. In order to make the selection faultless they conduct essay writing competitions to measure the caliber of various students. The personal interviews which are to be conducted before admission are only a secondary process. Students are invited for personal interviews on the basis of their performance in the writing competition. This has compelled the students to get trained properly in writings before they seek admission in colleges. Thus students will be able to perform extra ordinarily in the college admission essays to expose their qualities to the college authorities.


In this writing competition students must be very careful to create good impression to the examiners regarding their performance. Since teachers are the judges of this competition the students must be very careful in selecting the subjects to be written. It must be result oriented. Moreover they must have a clear picture regarding the presentation of the subject matter in the essay. Normally these essays are of 500 words. Hence the students must have through knowledge to describe the subject matter of the essays within that limit. In the case of selection of subjects it is better to select themes which can create very good impression on the examiners. On reading the same the judges must be able to conclude that the authors of such essays are excellent in knowledge and writing. Hence the students must be able to expose these remarkable qualities throughout their college admission essays.


Since this is a competitive essay writing process only students who come up with flying colors can secure admission in colleges. To achieve this feat they must have proper training in essay writing techniques. Writing according to the reader’s taste is the very good quality to be followed. Essays with simple English are always welcomed by every reader. The writer must remember to avoid strong words in their writings. Referring dictionary to know the meaning of the difficult words will destroy the flow of reading and there is a possibility of loosing interest in reading. Regarding introduction it must be highly productive in nature. The introduction of the essay must be in such a way to persuade the examiner to read the essay fully. Then only the caliber and excellence of the writer can be recognized by the authorities.


Conclusion of the essay is as important as the introduction because this part of the essay can be considered as the last chance of the writer to develop appreciation by the examiners. In this portion the students can produce their views and opinions regarding the subject matter of the college admission essays. Another important thing to be highlighted in the concluding part is the lesson in the subject matter produced. If possible it will be more interesting if an advice can be given to the readers from the essay theme. These are the peculiar features to be employed to develop impression on the examiners. Above all the candidates must have adequate confidence on themselves. For the production of better writings confidence is a faithful and reliable companion.


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