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Suspected female bomber burnt to death by mob in Nigeria


Bauchi: A suspected woman bomber was burnt to death by mob in the north-eastern Nigerian city of Bauchi.
Police and witness said that the people were assumed the woman as a suicide bomber.
The teenager woman was attacked when she refused to be screened at the entrance of a market.
No explosives were recovered from her.
Recently, Boko Haram militants have been blamed for a series of suicide bombings in northern Nigeria.
They are wanted to enforce strict Islamic law across the country.
Witnesses said that the mob had put a petrol sprinkled tyre over the woman’s head and set it on fire after she was beaten badly.
According to the Police she was dead before they could reach the venue to rescue her and disperse the mob.
No arrests were made so far in connection with the murder.
However, the exact circumstances which led to her death are unclear.
Some said that the dead woman was accompanied by another woman while others said that she had a male escort.
An eyewitness told the AFP news agency that the woman was suspected when she refused to be tested with a metal detector.
According to him two bottles were kept strapped at both sides of her waist.
When her hi-jab was raised over her head, the two bottles were found strapped to her waist and this made the mob angry and attacked the young woman.
Police told the AP news agency that it was doubtful whether the woman was a bomber or not, because she did not try to explode any explosives when she was attacked.
Deputy Superintendent of Police Mohammad Haruna described her as a victim of mob action carried out by an angry crowd.
The Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram used to send women suicide missions, developing concern that the insurgency has been entering in to a more merciless phase.
Even teenagers have been used by them to carry explosives into busy markets and bus stations.
Moreover, Boko Haram’s hundreds of kidnapped victims may have been forced to carry out bomb attacks.
This is done either by exploding bombs by themselves or by carrying devices which are to be triggered using remote control.


Video on suspected Nigerian female bomber who was burnt to death by angry mob