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Three-year-old girl finds rubber glove inside Greggs pasty


London: A mother had been in fear after her three-year-old daughter found a rubber glove inside a Gregg’s pasty.
Karly Hodson, 29, had bought one cheese and onion pasty as a treat for her daughter Amber for £1.20.
But there was one blue glove inside the Gregg’s pasty. Fortunately, her daughter narrowly avoided eating the glove by accident.
The mother and child were driving from the bakery in Forest Gate, east London. The incident was during their way back to home.
Fortunately, Amber could see the blue glove in the nick of time after biting into the pasty.
But her mother Karly said that her daughter could have choked the glove easily.
According to her, God would have forbidden her daughter from having it.
The mother tweeted that she was absolutely disgusted when she viewed the glove inside the pasty.
Karly, a nursery assistant, said that if Amber hadn’t spotted the glove, it could have been a mother’s worse nightmare.
Gregg pasty company spokesperson said that they have spoken to the customer and the matter is under investigation.


Video on the rubber glove seen in the Greggs pasty