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Two balloonists surpass world distance and duration records


United States: Two pilots have surpassed the world distance as well as duration records by their adventurous flight in a helium balloon over the Pacific Ocean.
These daredevil pilots are reported to be American Troy Bradley and Russian Leonid Tiukhtyaev.
Both of them are reported to have started their journey from Japan and expected to land either in Canada or US in the coming days.
They were forced to deviate from their earlier decided destination(Mexico) following adverse weather conditions.
To set new milestone, the team is needed to overtake the existing world records by 1%.
Regarding duration, the existing world record of a balloonist is 138 hours and 45 minutes set in the year 1981.
The existing world record with respect to distance covered is 5,209 miles set in 1981.
To create a new world record in this regard, they are required to cover a distance of about 5260 miles.
For this adventurous flight over Pacific ocean they are using two Eagle hi-tech balloons made of strong Kevlar and carbon-fiber complex having weight 220 pounds (100 kg).
This flying arrangement is fitted with monitors and other instruments that can track their course and compile data as required by the record-keepers.
The specially-designed capsule locates under a huge helium-filled envelope and is being integrated to enable a stay up to 10 days for the pilots.
The pilots live in a closet-like space having very low ceiling.


Video on the adventurous balloon journey