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Two passenger planes simultaneously land on runway just meters apart


San Francisco: Landing two planes just meters apart in perfect synchronization can be seen only during military operations. But here it has been performed by professional aviation stunt teams. The travelers on a commercial flight were left amazed when they could view out of their windows another passenger plane about to hit the runway just meters away from their own aircraft. The two planes are assumed to have emerged from clouds simultaneously, as they headed towards San Francisco International Airport. Touching down exactly at the same second, the two planes were managed an almost perfect smooth landing. The spectacular tactical movement, known as a closely spaced parallel operation (CSPO), has been used at the San Francisco since 2013 and designed to increase airspace capacity. According to the US Federal Aviation Administration, if more planes are to be landed at the same time, it can increase its runway throughput. Runways in San Francisco airport are separated by just 750 feet. Airports in Sydney and Atlanta also use this operation tactic to increase the number of planes coming into land at one time. Other new developments in aviation include nuclear powered planes which could see passengers change

flight in mid-air and allow jets to refuel in the sky.   Video on the simultaneous parallel landing of two passenger planes