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Ubuntu powered smart-phone arrives in the market


UK: At last an Ubuntu-powered smart-phone is also coming to the market.
Their previous attempt to launch a model via crowd-funding was failed.
According to officials, this is a new version of their earlier launched device.
The Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu edition is said to be relied on a card-like user interface that is not focused on apps.
Unlike the original subject matter, the handset does not act as a desktop PC when plugged into a monitor.
Initially, this facility is being targeted at “early followers”, who will become counselors for the platform.
The British company called Canonical, which developed the Linux-based operating system, said that they are expecting to imitate the success of Chinese companies including Xiaomi with its launch strategy.
This includes the conduction of a number of “flash sales” which may begin in Europe by next week.
As per this, the company is proposing to carry out sales of the device for a short period. This is to provide the developers an opportunity to measure requirements and respond to feedback before setting for a bigger production run.
Cristian Parrino, vice-president of mobile at Canonical, told the BBC that the proposed smart-phone is a proven reliable model.
Millions of PC users in schools, government offices and businesses establishments have already started using the desktop version of Ubuntu.


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