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UK Soldier leaves his base to fight against Islamic State militants


London: A 19-year-old British soldier is reported to have left his motherland with an intention to help Kurdish forces fighting against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria.
The young soldier said to his family members that he was moving to Peshmerga as he wanted to help Kurdish forces in the battle against Islamic state militants.
The 19 year old serviceman whose name has not been revealed, told his parents and friends through a text message that he was intended to spend a year in the region.
The soldier whose traveling route is through Dubai, informed his family that he liked to spend holidays there, as he is currently on leave.
However, an Army source said that if a soldier is overstayed during the period of leave, he would definitely face disciplinary actions for going AWOL.
The soldier who had been learning Arabic, has been in the Army since he left school at the age of 16.
An Army spokesman said that they are aware of the reports and have been investigating the matter.
Meanwhile, it is reported that the teenage soldier is intended to join with a number of young Europeans who have traveled to the region to fight on behalf of the Kurds who are defending their communities from the slaughter of Sunni Islamists.
He is believed to be the first serving soldier to travel to the region to fight with hundreds of former soldiers from Britain.
It is reported that the US and Canada are planning to follow this path.


Video on the UK soldier who left to help Kurdish forces in Iraq