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US air force refueling jet disappears off radar and then lands safely in Britain


London: A US Air Force refueling aircraft is reported to have disappeared off the radar over the English Channel and then made a cheap pharmacy safe landing at air base in Britain. The US Boeing KC-135 R Stratotanker cialis liquid was left Amiens in northern buy an essay France at 0.05 am local time (11.05 pm BST) and reported to cheap generic viagra have appeared last on a flight tracking website while the aircraft was flying between Dover and Calais 15 minutes later. It was unclear why the plane flying under the code QID 72 and based at RAF Mildenhall in Suffolk escaped cialis coupons printable off the radar at spy app 0.20 am. In the midst of confusion, the jet was reported to have landed safely at its base in East Anglia an hour later. The US Air Force authorities have confirmed the controversial disappearance and safe landing of the jet plane. A spokesman generic cialis online related to the US air force said that the aircraft refueling jet had experienced an writing custom sampler for jmeter in-flight emergency over the Channel while the investigations regarding the incident have been in full swing. Authorities were unaware about the cause of the disappearance the plane and why it could not be traced out by the radar system. The US Air Force has been using Boeing KC-135 R aircraft since 1950. The main purpose of using these aircraft is to support the bombers of the Strategic Air Command. In 2013 three US airmen were killed when their military celebrex cell phone spy app refueling tanker crashed in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. At that time, the accident investigators were found a malfunctioning in the control system of the aircraft which caused the fatal crash.   Video on the disappearance of US refueling aircraft