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US Ospreys aircraft makes big differences in Nepal relief operations


Kathmandu: The US has sent four coveted Ospreys aircraft to Nepal to help deliver materials and shelter to the marooned people in the calamity swallowed country. According to the UN, about 8 million Nepalese have become homeless or with severely damaged shelter. Now the US has topped its participation in the strenuous effort to provide enough housing facilities to homeless people in Nepal. They have sent five helicopters including four coveted Ospreys which are specially used for the purpose of rescue and relief operations. They can ease

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and speed up the delivery of shelter and basic house reconstruction materials to the regions isolated due to severe landslide. The Ospreys have tilting rotors which enable the high-capacity transport aircraft to land and take-off vertically. This featured aircraft can deliver materials to Nepal’s remote villages, many of which have been cut off from the rest of the world due to massive landslides followed by the earthquake. David Michel, director of the environmental security program at the Stimson Center in Washington said that the ability of the Ospreys to fly in as a high lift-capacity airplane and then to land on a short flight strip or simply to vibrate over a delivery site has brought great importance to the Ospreys aircraft in the ongoing relief operations in Nepal. According to him the Ospreys are especially useful in Nepal where majority of the the residential areas are mountainous. As Nepal has just one airport capable of handling large fixed-wing aircraft, common helicopters are playing major roles for delivering relief materials to quake hit areas. The US had sent the disaster assistance response team (DART) to the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu within hours of the magnitude-7.8 earthquake to help with search-and-rescue efforts. Nepal’s big neighbors, India and China, have played lead roles so far among the international assistances already arrived to Nepal.   Video on US Ospreys aircraft operations in Nepal