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US wants Myanmar to treat Rohingya minorities as citizens


Jakarta:United States has wanted Myanmar to consider minority Rohingyas as their countrymen.
U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Anne Richard said that the government of Myanmar needs to treat ethnic minority Rohingya Muslims as their own citizens.
According to her, that is the only solution to solve the intensifying migrant crisis in Southeast Asia.
She has also added that after considering them as their own citizens, it is essential for them to have relevant papers as proof that they are the citizens of Myanmar.
Richard has also expressed her expectation to bring back the stranded boat in the outer sea that holding over 700 Rohingya migrants to Myanmar.
The navy of Myanmar had recently found a boat in the outer sea, fully packed with migrant people.
But it has been in the offshore since then. No actions are being done to rehabilitate them till this time.
A lot of Rohingya minorities in Myanmar have already migrated to various southeast Asian countries including Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore etc.
All these countries have been struggling a lot to accommodate these migrants from Myanmar.


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