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Valinokkam beach in Rameswaram


Valinokkam is a coastal village in Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu. Being a sea shore village, Valinokkam is famous for the production of salt and fishing. The Tamil Nadu State Salt Corporation write my paper started the production of salt from Valinokkam in the year 1974. Graves of Badhusha Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed of Erwadi, Hazart Imraan Ummayah Al Badawiyyah Shaheed Eaziyallah Ta’ala Anhu and Hazrat Sulthan Abdul Qadir Raziyallah Anhu are found in the seashore village. It is said that there are also invisible graves of thousands of mobile spy app martyrs in Valinokkam as it was one of the major locations where the fighting between Arabs and Pandias were held. There is a Kattupalli in the region where graves of some other martyrs (Shuhadaas) are also built. The coastal village can be seen situated on a naturally beautiful peninsula. Hence, the location is assumed to have played major roles in the ancient wars taken place in the region. This enchanting seashore was an important ship breaking port too. This marvelous place is very near to Rameswaram. Those who buy an essay come to the holy land used to visit Valinokkam

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too. The main attraction of this region is its mesmerizing beach from where visitors can experience the goodness of mildly cool sea breeze.   Video on Valinokkam beach near Rameswaram