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Water bird sanctuary in Rameswaram


Water Bird Sanctuary in Rameswaram is the best place to be visited by bird lovers as well as nature lovers. This marvelous sightseeing spot is located in the Ramanathapuram District of Pamban Island. During north-east monsoon season which falls between October to January, the sanctuary is featured with the presence of numerous water birds. The sanctuary offers shelter to a lot of both native as well as migratory birds. The native birds come here for feeding, while the migratory birds, from Europe and Australia come here for breeding. Visitors can watch the rare and exotic species of water birds at this sanctuary.
Apart from this, tourists can also visit the nearby sanctuaries at Kanjirankulam and Chittirankudi located in the Ramanathapuram and also the one at naturally beautiful Danushkodi known as Arichamunai Bird Sanctuary. Moreover, the five hundred water tanks in the Ramanathapuram district are believed to be attracting a lot of migratory birds from Europe and Australia. Most of these sightseeing locations are happy hunting grounds for water birds. Bird lovers from different locations arrive here to understand and learn the behavioral pattern of these birds. Authorities have put up signs at possible places where these birds used to build their nest. The bird sanctuary in Rameswaram is certainly different from other such conventional sanctuaries in India.


Video on water bird sanctuary at Rameswaram