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Wife-Carrying World Championship held in Finland


Finland: The buy research papers online freaky festival in Finland known as Wife-Carrying champion was held on the first Saturday of the July 2015. The very interesting levitra gr as well as spectacular competitive event has been taking place in the country since 1992. This is a humorous contest in which buy a dissertation online male competitors have to race while each carrying a female teammate. The task of the contest is on the male participant as he has to carry the female through a special obstacle track within the shortest time. The festival is a highly humorous viagra online custom cialis viagra levitra market share which displays different styles of wife carrying techniques. cialis generic The styles mainly include piggyback, fireman’s style, wife hanging upside-down in shoulder, holding on to husband’s waist etc. The good news for unreconstructed carrier is that the course offers plenty of opportunities to prove manly superior skills. Over a distance of 253.5 m, contestants have to tackle cheap generic viagra sand, grass paragraph writing pinterest and gravel surfaces, two dry obstacles and a 1 m-deep cheap pharmacy water section. The only allowed equipment for the carriers is a belt, and receive a 15-second fine if they happened to drop their female load. The winner is the couple who completes the course having levitra side effects high blood pressure tasks in the shortest time. Also the most entertaining couple, the best costume, and the strongest carrier are awarded with a special prizes. While runners-up are consoled with awards for the most entertaining couple, the best costume, the strongest carrier and the winning couple receive the woman’s weight in beer and a range of certificates. For participating in this contest, the wives must be above spy phone app 17 years old with weigh more than 49 kg.   Video on Wife-Carrying championship in Finland