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Winners of the Takhini Hair freezing contest declared


Yukon(Canada): The hair freezing contest is generally conducted at Takhini Hot Springs in Whitehorse, Yukon which belongs to Canada.
Takhini Hot Springs in Yukon has a long historical background. The spring was used by the Nation’s first People for centuries.
The site was known for natural hot water generating from the ground.
The pool was first made of wood and canvas during 1940s for the use of the United States Army who were constructing the Alaska Highway.
In 1950 a concrete pool was built which later replaced by the existing pool and building in the 1970s.
Today, it is a locally run business with the two pools having different temperatures.
Adjacent to the pools, there is a camping center comprising of over 80 sites.
It is not only a historic site but also a very popular destination for tourists and locals.
The hair freezing contest runs every year in February. Participants are required to enter the springs and freeze their hair.
The bathers and participants have to soak themselves in water at 40 degree Celsius, while it is actually minus 30 above water.
According to the sources, the process of freezing one’s hair takes only minutes as the temperature outside remains minus 30 or below.
Those participants who can create cluster of frozen hair strands are declared as winners.
Winners will also have a chance to secure $150 as prize money.
For this, participants have to post the photo of their frozen hair onto the Facebook site of the venue before the month ends.
As Canada remains in the grip of bitter cold and record snowfall, the hair freezing contest is really a thrilling experience.
The Takhini Hotel Pools in Whitehorse, Yukon, conducted this year’s International Hair Freezing contest and found some winners.
Fanny Caritte, Milena Georgeault and Maxime Goyou Beauchamps, from Quebec are declared as the winners of the contest.


Video on the hair freezing contest