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Women wearing flat shoes are turned away from Cannes Film Festival


Cannes: It has been reported from the Cannes Film Festival site that women wearing flat shoes instead of high heels were turned away from the red carpet screening festival.
Screen Daily said that the festival had confirmed high heels as mandatory for women at red carpet screenings.
According to the industry newspaper screen daily, a group of women in their 50s were turned away from the gala screening of Todd Haynes Carol for allegedly not wearing high-heeled shoes.
The women, some of whom had medical conditions, were apparently barred entry for wearing rhinestone flats.
The festival is facing a backlash from film fans protesting against what many realize the occasion as a sexist dress-code policy.
But Cannes’s director, Thierry Frémaux, has denied that high heels are obligatory. The rumor saying that the festival which insists on high heels for women on the red carpet is baseless.
A spokesperson for the festival confirmed that the

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existing rules have not been changed throughout the festival and there is no specific reference regarding the height of the heels to be worn by women as well as men.
The authorities of the festival said that they had made efforts to address the gender imbalance between male and female movie directors.
But this year, only two female directors are being registered for the competition.
The red carpet at the Canes film festival is a Mythical place of old-fashioned flashiness and glamors.
But the festival faced controversy after it emerged that it takes the odd round of oppressive fashion policing to keep it that way.


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