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World’s longest and highest glass bottomed pedestrian bridge to open in China


Beijing: The final works of the world’s longest and highest glass bottomed pedestrian bridge in China is expected to be completed in July. But the bridge will not be opened for the public instantly. According to authorities visitors will be allowed to pass through the bridge sometime in October. Visitors who nurture adventures can enjoy the bottom views of the naturally beautiful Grand Canyon in China, that lies 300 meters below. Thus the newest bridge in China is going to be a weakness of every tourists.
The wonderful pedestrian bridge with see-through glass floor is stretching 380m across a section of Zhangjie’s Grand Canyon enabling visitors to see the views at a depth of 300 meters. Visitors who dare venture can comfortably enjoy the Canyon’s 300 meters bottom views.
The Grand Canyon installment is expected to be the longest and tallest glass-bottomed bridge in the world. Meanwhile the glass architecture is designed in such a way to minimize any disruption to be caused to the surrounding scenery.
Glass Bridge is designed to be invisible as possible. This appears as a white bridge disappearing into the clouds. but it can withstand high winds, earthquakes, frost and the weight of 800 visitors at a time.
The bridge is constructed with two side steel beams, handrails with side-hanging stay cables and a glass deck. Authorities have plan to develop the bridge as a venue for the highest bungee jump in the world. If so, it can definitely beat the current record holder, the 233 Macau Tower Bungee jump.


Video on the longest and highest pedestrian bridge in the world