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Zoo animals escape during Georgia floods


Georgia: A lot of zoo animals are reported to have escaped during the recent severe floods in Georgia.
Residents of Georgia’s capital have been warned to stay indoors after heavy flooding destroyed enclosures at Tbilisi’s zoo.
This has enabled tigers, lions, bears, wolves and other savage animals to escape from the zoo premise.
Nine people including three zoo workers were died in the floods.
As per the report, heavy rains and wind at Tbilisi were the reasons behind the floods.
It was enough to turn a normally small stream that runs through the hilly city into an overflowing ferocious river.
The flooding were also damaged dozens of nearby houses.
According to the zoo press service an escaped hippopotamus was trapped in one of Tbilisi’s main squares and recaptured it with a tranquilizer gun.
Some other animals have also been captured by police while others were shot dead.
It is really unclear about the number of animals escaped from the zoo.
As per the estimation of the zoo sources, around half of its 600 mammals, fish and birds were fled their enclosures amid the flooding from heavy rains and high winds.
Helicopters were seen circling overhead while people were warned people to stay indoors.
But, people were seen walking around with their babies just a few blocks from where a wolf was shot in the south of the city.
Apparently a jaguar was also reported observed in the north.
Authorities have made arrangements to shoot animals they regarded as a danger to the public.
As per the estimation of officials, about 1.1 million people are living in this capital city.


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