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4000 chickens abandoned in Japan following bird flu


Tokoyo: Japan’s Agricultural Ministry has confirmed the ailment observed among chickens as a highly pathogenic H5 strain of avian influenza.
The ailment was first observed in a poultry farm at Miyazaki prefecture in southwestern Japan.
They conducted tests on three chickens collected from the farm and found out the results as positive.
According to an official report, they have been forced to abandon 4,000 chickens from the farm on the basis of the laboratory result.
The local government has also asked nearby poultry farms to restrict movements of livestock.
But the officials have ruled out the chance of spreading the virus to humans through consumption of chicken meat or eggs.
An official at the Agricultural Ministry said that Miyazaki Prefecture is Japan’s top producer of broiler chickens since they used to produce 20 percent of the chickens required in Japan,
It was in the month of April that Japan registered its first bird flu case since 2011 at a farm in Kumamoto prefecture located at southwest Japan.



Video on influenza effected chickens in Japan