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4DX movie house unveils in Britain


Milton Keynes(UK): The Cine-world complex in Milton Keynes, the biggest cinema chain in Britain is preparing to unveil a 4DX movie house in the country. This will be the first 4DX screen Theater in Britain while the authorities are in a hurry to coincide the inauguration of the featured screen with the release of ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’.
Other features of the first 4D screen house in Britain are shaking seats, water sprayers, scents etc. These special arrangements are with an intention to stimulate spectators and make them to concentrate on movie scenes.
While the 3D cinema has been remaining as a novelty for many movie-goers nowadays, the new technology makes them to experience one more step additionally and have interesting features to make the audience feel as though they are in the film.
Apart from water sprayers and scents the movie house has also arrangements for gusts of air, scents recreating explosives and coffee which will be pumped into the cinema.
Seats are adjusted to shake from side-to-side and move backwards and forwards to synchronize with each film’s action scenes while bubbles will be even pumped into the theater to bring a cheerful atmosphere until the movie is over.
The four dimensional movie screen was first launched by South Korea in the year 2009 while the Cine world multiplex in Milton Keynes is the first theater to test out the technology.
Colin Firth starring, thriller espionage ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’, will be the first film to play at the 4D theater. The movie is proposed to release on January 29 with standard ticket rates of a 4DX film.


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