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A nineteen year old woman driver arrested for consuming alcohol


Hamilton: A nineteen-year-old woman, who was on a driving lesson arrested for consuming four times the legal limit for alcohol.
Ramarama Herene Tukaki-Watene was stopped by police in Hamilton, NewZealand since the woman had consumed abnormal alcohol during her driving lesson.
She told police that the driving was taught by her mother in law.
Tukaki-Watene was found guilty for driving a car with an excess alcohol level of 1116 mg.
She was originally fined for her crime, while Community Magistrate Susan Hovell sentenced her to 11 hours’ community work and banned her from driving for seven months.
The magistrate said that it was totally unacceptable as she had consumed much alcohol.
The magistrate explained her condition and said that she was just waiting an accident to be happened.
She was stopped at a police checkpoint not for any kind of driving error but as a precaution for the dangers she may cause.
Police pointed out that she was on a driving lesson and her alcohol consumption was three times the allowed adult limit.


Video on alcohol consumption