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A tortoise predicts the voting outcome of 2015 general election


United Kingdom: There are many people who likes to predict the outcome of general election results.
But, it is really wonderful to know that a Psychic Tortoise can tell about the forthcoming general election results.
As far as men are concerned, conducting surveys and analyzing poll results are really a tedious job.
But when there is a psychic tortoise who can tell the result on votes, there is no need to depend upon that tedious job.
The Mirror Online reader Sarah Dudhill has got a psychic pet tortoise called Sheldon to perform this miraculous job.
According to Sarah Duhill, Sheldon has made several advance predictions in the past and all of them were appeared to be correct.
His most recent achievement was prediction of the winner of the voice. To know how it works is very much interesting.
Sarah sets up separate polling stations, by placing four different colored square cards in Sheldon’s sandpit and then wait to see which he prefers to choose.
The square cards are presented with yellow, red, blue and purple colors to represent the Liberal Democrats, Labor, Conservatives and UKIP, respectively.
Then, Sheldon strides boldly towards them to make his prediction and has a chew of his chosen square.
He does not trend towards UKIP first. He doesn’t turn out to be a fan of Farage also.
As he might not be technically a psychic, his followers have to wait until the results are arrived to verify his prediction.
Earlier this year, Paul the psychic octopus had predicted World Cup winners.
But, Sheldon can guess who will be the next in line to run the country.


Video on the prediction on general elections by the psychic tortoise