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A volcano in Iceland is still erupting


Iceland: The Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland which was broken out five months before is still in Lava ejecting condition.
The bursting nature of the volcano has sparked fears of aviation disruption in Europe.
The Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland is still continuing to erupt ferociously.
According to a report by the Icelandic Met Office, unstable activities which were followed by the volcano burst had continued since August last year.
As per the information, there had been small regular earthquakes in the area.
NASA has reported that the Holuhraun lava field is now extended to an area around 85 square kilometers (33 square miles).
This calamity is considered as Iceland’s largest volcanic rock lava flow after the Laki eruption which had occurred in 1783-1784.
During the present blast the lava was flowing at an estimated quantity of 50 to 70 cubic meters per second over the last few weeks.
High levels of sulfur dioxide are still being recorded in the area, which has forced authorities to evacuate nearby villagers.
Air exclusion zones were put in place when the volcano first began to erupt on 27 August.
In 2010, an ash cloud from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano had forced authorities to close much of Europe’s air space for six days.


Video on the huge Lava flow in Iceland