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Accidentally captured angry sea lion throws fishermen across deck


Russia: Some fishermen from Russia are reported to have accidentally captured a huge sea lion.
Immediately the brave men on fishing boat cut the net and set the huge sea lion free.
But the moment the sea lion got its head and neck free it grabbed one of the fishermen in its teeth and threw him across the deck.
The the ferocious mammal jumped on a dog in the ship as it took few hesitant steps forward.
Eventually the fishermen used a hose to get the sea lion back into the ocean.
Sea lions have been known to jump into nets while catching fish and can often get pulled onto boats as a result.
Taronga Zoo marine mammal keepers believed to be the animal as a female Steller sea lion.
According to a spokesperson the poor creature would have obviously frightened of the situation although the fishermen were ready set it free.
Sea lions can have weight up to 400 kg and are surprisingly powerful.
They are muscular and can propel themselves through the water at lightning speed.
Their jaws and teeth are amazingly strong and throwing a fisherman aside is so effortless as far as the sea lion is concerned.


Video on the capture of giant sea lion