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American schools are training kids for a future world


Washington: Over the next twenty years the earth has to accommodate another two billion inhabitants.
It is said that the nature’s ability to feed the planet is worn-out nowadays.
So the inhabitants on earth are required to discover a new food securing system.
The climatic conditions on this planet has been changing.
To save coastlines on earth and maintain acceptable living conditions for more than a billion people, earth has to discover a typical new science, engineering, design, and architectural methods. They are required to pioneer economic models that keep up their implementation and maintenance.
Microbiological threats will increase as traditional techniques of anti-microbial defense which lead to greater and greater resistances.
The dwellers on earth must discover new approaches to medical treatment, which can afford, and implement in ways that motivate cooperation and good health.
The many rich and varied human cultures on the earth will continue to mix, more rapidly than they ever had, through mass population movements and unprecedented information exchange.
To preserve social harmony, people need to discover new cultural meaning, practices, and environments for the exchange of culture.
In such conditions the futures of law, medicine, philosophy, engineering, and agriculture are to be rediscovered.
Thus American schools are molding kids to meet these forthcoming requirements.


Video on kids in American schools