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Anonymous gift sender traced after 53 years


Tokyo: A Japanese woman who had sent a set of traditional dolls to US President John F Kennedy more than 50 years ago has been traced after an appeal from his daughter.
The current US ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of President John F Kennedy had asked the media for help to trace out the anonymous sender of the “hina” dolls to her father.
She told the Kyodo news agency that she wanted to say thanks to the unknown gift sender.
Mrs. Caroline Kennedy had been played with the dolls as a child and now have been arranged them on display at her official residence in Tokyo.
Currently she has been in preparation for the country’s Doll festival to be held on 3rd March.
Following the request made by Mrs. Caroline Kennedy, the Japanese media could identify the sender as Tsuyako Matsumoto, who is now 92 years old.
She has been living in a retirement home in the city of Kitami, about 1300km (800 miles) north-east of Tokyo.
She had written to the president in 1962 and said that she was surprised when she received a thanking letter from his secretary in return.
This incident prompted Ms. Matsumoto to buy a set of 15 dolls and post them off to the White House.
According to her, it would have made surprise as it was pricey and rare, and added that she was simply happy that the ambassador wanted to thank her for the gift she had posted years back.
When asked about her words to Mrs Kennedy if she meets her, Ms Matsumoto replied that her dialogue would be absolutely a secret.


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