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Anonymous hero rescues a man from burning home


California: A man, who has yet to be identified, came as a hero and rescued a man from a burning home in Fresno, California.
The lady called Beth Lederach, who captured the incredible act of bravery on video, had been driving past the home when she saw flames from the house and pulled over to dial 911.
As she was standing outside on the street, he heard a woman shouting that her father being trapped inside the burning house. She was requesting to get him out from there.
As the fire rages, a man in a baseball cap wearing a striped blue and white shirt could be seen walking calmly towards the house.
Moments later there was a huge explosion sound of glass breakage, before the blue-shirted rescuer runs out from around the corner carrying the man who had been trapped inside.
According to local news site ‘The Fresno Bee’ the man trapped inside had been hooked up to an oxygen tank for respiratory problems and was taken to hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation.
Fire crews, who arrived on the scene shortly after said that the fire might have started in the garage and took 30 crew members to extinguish.


Video on hero rescuing a trapped man from a burning house