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Anti-Islam ‘Pegida’ march in one German city


Dresden: About 10,000 people in East German city of Dresden conducted a protest march against the Islamisation of the West.
After the march they also observed a demonstration in the city by associating 5000 natives.
The demonstrators were of the movement called ‘Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West’ (Pediga).
Dresden is said to be the birth place of Pediga movement.
The people belong to the organization had also conducted a big rally about a week ago.
While addressing people, German Chancellor Mrs. Angela Merkel has warned people against the aftereffects of Islamisation.
She pleaded them not to get exploited by such extremists.
Mrs. Merkel has also made a reference regarding the freedom of assembly in Germany, where there is no chance for provocation.
She asked people to be careful and make sure that they have not been exploited by the people who organized such religious movements.
In the march protesters were chanting a slogan “Wir sind das volk” which means ‘we are the people’.
Since the 25 anniversary of the demolition of Berlin wall is a week later, the aforesaid slogan has great importance.



Video on Anti-Islam PEGIDA march in Germany