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Bear’s hill in Yercaud


Bear’s hill is an elevated sightseeing spot located about 2 km away from Yercaud town. Montfort school which is diagonally adjacent to the Bear’s hill can be viewed from the south eastern side while Sacred Heart Convent from the eastern side. Marvelous picture of Yercaud town where a lot of educational institutions and seminaries are functioning can be viewed comfortably from this naturally blessed viewpoint.
Bears Hill is a featured picturesque landscape region which enables visitors to enjoy other nearby tourist attractions in the city. There are a lot of interesting locations to be visited in and around Yercaud. Visitors have ample opportunities as well as facilities to explore such spectacular scenes of the hill station city and surrounding areas. A visit to the Bears Hill offers greater insight into the different types of years old cultures and traditions of Yercaud.
While discussing about Yercaud, Bears Hill is one of the prominent pleasurable regions that come to the mind of many nature lovers. This enchanting location is well known for its unique branded charm that cannot be experienced in other landscape spots. This tourist center is not only balanced with its reliable, specific sightseeing felicities but also generates an enthusiastic atmosphere with its affordable, delicious cuisines. Thus, a trip to Bears Hill in Yercaud is capable to provide enough exciting memories for a lifetime.


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