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Bird Sanctuary


The lovely bird sanctuary located in the Bramahagiri hill ranges in Wayanad is popularly known by the name ‘Pakshipathalam’. The enchanting landscape site amid dense forest is situated about 1740 meter above sea level. This naturally charming forest area is the house for rare species of birds, Orchids and plants. Numerous small caves seen in the steep rocks serve as nests to these bird species. Apart from these small natural nests, there are also rock cut caves in these forest area said to have created by saints during ancient times for the purpose of meditation. Visitors can have a look at the wonders of the bird life from the watch-towers installed at various locations inside the sanctuary. To reach the mesmerizing spot, 17 kilometers have to be covered through the dense forest in the Tirunelli circumference. Since there are elevated locations and streams on the way to the bird sanctuary, trekking is the only possible chance to reach the bird’s paradise. Hence a visit to the Pashipathalam is said to be an adventurous experience. Small rocky projections called Garudan Kavu (resembling an eagle) and Boothathan Kavu are the other unique picnic spots near Pashipathalam that attract many tourists.


Video on Pashipathalam