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Bodybuilder risks his life by injecting oil and alcohol into his biceps


Caldas Novas (Brazil): A bodybuilder who modeled himself on the incredible large is risked his life by injecting oil and alcohol into his arms.
Romario Dos Santos Alves, 25 was used to inject the potentially fatal solvent to bounce up his biceps to 25inch. Now he has been facing a series of serious health issues.
The former bodyguard said that by using the synthetic solvent he was risking his life. Now his a father of one child.
He said his swollen muscles terrify children in his hometown of Caldas Novas in Brazil and they call him a ‘beast’ and a ‘monster’.
He had admitted that the medicine injected by him was addictive.
The doctor had warned him earlier that the solvent injecting habit would make both his arms get amputated in future.
Mr Alves was preoccupied with the drug after moving from his hometown to Goiania in Brazil three years ago.
At the Gym he could watch some really big guys with huge arms and he became friends with them.
They introduced him about Synthol which he tested and satisfies himself by viewing the amazing results.
He then adopted ever more dangerous ways of injecting himself with the oil.
His biceps had swollen to an incredible 25 inches.
Soon the filler began causing him constant pain and he also suffered kidney failure due to the toxins in the oil. And he was told by the doctor that the only alternative would be to have one of his arms amputated.
He had not used the substance for two years at a stretch, but other muscle enhancing drugs used by him has been tempting him from time to time.


Video on the bodybuilder who injected fatal solvent into his biceps