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Brazilian wanderer spider observed in Waitrose online shopping


London: A Brazilian Wanderer spider is observed in the online Wait-rose delivery for a family.
Tim, a father of two young sons from South London, was cooking breakfast when the family’s Wait-rose grocery delivery arrived.
As he unpacked a bunch of bananas he was shocked to discover a huge spider with long hairy legs hiding in the fruit.
When he went online to identify the arthropod species, he was even more horrified to discover that it was a Brazilian Wanderer spider.
The species is an aggressive and venomous one usually found in South and Central America.
As per the Guinness Book of World Records, Brazilian Wanderer spiders are the world’s most venomous ones.
The species belongs to the ‘Phoneutria’ genus which fittingly means ‘murderess’ in Greek.
Later Tim called the police and the RSPCA, both of whom were unable to handle the creature. Help eventually came from a pest expert who dispatched the spider into a plastic box and put the egg sac into a freezer to kill the offspring.
Brazilian Wanderer bites are rarely fatal, but their venom can cause a range of severe side effects including extreme pain, inflammation of the throat and lungs, paralysis, secretion and convulsions.


Video on Brazilian Wandering spider