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British gardener grows monster Onion and breaks Guinness world record


United Kingdom: Tony Glover has smashed the existing record on Onion. His eye watering vegetable has a weight of 18lbs and 11oz and measured 32 inches around its widest part.
Generally a large onion weighs around 12 ounces.
But Mr Glover’s monster was almost 25 times more than that normal size.
If he wanted to, the amateur gardener from Small Heath in Moira, south Derbyshire could use his enormous haul to cater for a huge number of people.
That one onion is large enough to make 250 onion Bhajees.
Generally French onion soup for 36 people need 50 portions of onion rings!
The onion was cultivated by Mr Glover at his back garden.
Mr Glover, who has his own business, beat the existing record held by Peter Glazebrook from Newark in Nottinghamshire by 10 ounces.
He said that he had been growing vegetables since he was about 16 and he has been very happy with the one he has grown this year.Bouncy Castle Mini Jungle ouverte


Video on Onion which broke Guinness world of records