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Cat enthusiast who shares his backyard with tigers and lions


Florida: One unusual loving pet-owner is seen wrestling with his animal friends.
But the loving animals are terrifying beasts such as lions and tigers.
The Pet owner Carl Bovard, shares his backyard with six tigers and two lions.
He regularly plays with these ferocious attacking natured animals to raise awareness about endangered species.
Carl knows that he has been playing with death each time when he grapples with the huge beasts and considers it as a worthy risk.
After an accident which left him blind around 13 years ago, he was not able to view animals.
So when he regained sight he was deciding to adopt his first two tiger cubs.
Now, along with these two big cats, he also keeps two bear cubs having names Bruiser and Honey, plus a leopard and two alligators.
According to Carl it is too dangerous to keep with these animals.
He also said that in spite of the necessary precautions, death would be the worst outcome.
Carl plays rough games with his tiger mates. The weight of one of the tigers is being 700lbs. He allows them to renovate their natural hunting talents which they would develop in the wild.
Among the dangers, once he had a leopard bite on the nose and also had his shoulder separated.


Video on the play of Carl Brown with his animal mates