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Chain Tree in Wayanad


This is an aged giant Ficus tree encircled by a long chain. It is said that the marvelous piece of sightseeing land among mountains was discovered by a British Engineer with the help of a tribal guide called Karinthandan. When both of them reached the destination, the British engineer is said to have killed his guide with an intention to secure the full credit of finding out the enchanting piece of landscape. It is believed that the soul of that murdered guide is still remains as chained in this tree. According to local people, the wandering soul of the guide was chained to the giant Ficus tree by a priest and hence the tree got the name ‘Chain tree’. A lot of tourists are seen visiting this mythological legendary tree located near Vythiri. Under normal conditions Ficus trees will grow up to a height of 98 feet. The main features of these trees are swinging branches, silky leaves and small fruits. These fruits are the favorite food of many birds in the forest. A lot of monkeys can be seen passing on the way to Vythiri from this Chain tree location.


Video on Chain Tree in Wayanad