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Child aged under ten is being used to fire rockets by the militant groups in Iraq-Syria


Baghdad: As per the latest image received, a child wearing the uniform of an Islamic militant group in Iraq is seen using fire rockets from a car-mounted missile launcher during the fierce clashes with ISIS Jihadists.
This image illustrates that children under ten are being appointed increasingly as minor fighters into the militant groups located near Iraq-Syria border. The boy who appeared to be eight years old was in full military uniform. He was working on his knees to make the explosive blast successfully. It is understood that majority of children who engaged in the fighting are forced to do so by the ISIS militants. The strongholds of these militants are Raqqa in Syria and Mosul in Iraq. The young child viewed as per the latest image was in the uniform of Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq. This is a Shia militant group allied to the Syrian and Iraqi authorities and considered as one of the committed enemy groups of the Islamic State.
From this incident, it can be conformed that children are being increasingly drawn in to the bloody conflict going on in the Middle East. It is also said that the ISIS have established a number of Sharia camps where young boys under the age of 16 are sent for combat training where lessons justifying the militant activities in Islam are taught.
Earlier this month there were chilling new images from the terrorist training schools in Syria, showing child soldiers training session where they have been using assault rifles.
When these boys reach 16 they are thrown into the front alongside adult militants to use massive assault rifles and rocket launchers in wild street battles against troops from the Syrian and Iraqi regimes. There have, however, been numerous reports that the ISIS militants are forcefully pushing children into the battle field at a much younger age resulting the so-called ‘martyrdom of children’.


Video on the children’s militancy training by the ISIS