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Dams in Wayanad


Since Wayanad is a land of rain-forests and mountain ranges, this enchanting landscape site in the Western Ghats is blessed with a lot of watercourses. Moreover, geographical as well as environmental conditions in the area are suitable for the construction of dams. After the construction of these dams, such locations have become highly marvelous as well as spectacular. The main intention of dams in Wayanad is irrigation for cultivation and plantations even though there are scope for hydroelectric programs. The important dams in Wayanad are Banasura Sagar Dam and Karapuzha Dam which have been attracting by numerous tourists.

banasura sagar dam Banasura Sagar Dam
This is said to be the largest earth dam in India and located about 21 km north-west of Kalpetta. The dam is constructed over Banasura Lake with huge masses of stones and rocks…Read more…
karapuzha dam Karapuzha Dam
This Dam which commissioned in the year 2004 is constructed on Karapuzha River, a tributary of Kabani River. This large watercourse is formed by the association of a dozen similar lakes. In the reservoir of the dam, there are so many muddy islands and it is highly spectacular to see the entire area encircled by mountain ranges….Read more…