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Densil, the dog who stands on his hind legs


London: Denzil, the little dog is very happy to walk on his back legs while his slender frame makes him look just like one of the cute pet animal.
The one-year-old puppy has been called by the name Meerkat by workers at Mayhew Animal Home in London.
They said that he used to do the unusual walk during when he wanted to cross the road.
Meerkats are a type of mongoose from South Africa.
The dog can comfortably get onto his hind legs and stretch to double his length.
Denzil has now been taken in by a new owner called Stephan Grothgar.
According to him Denzil is very curious and liked to get up with hind leg action even though he is short in appearance.
Because of the way he walks, Densil is called by the name Meerkat.
Mr Grothgar was appreciating Densil’s convincing ET impersonation during when he wanted to crane his neck.


Video on the hind leg walking of a dog