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Deputy of Islamic State killed in US air strike


Fadhil Ahmad al-Hayali, a deputy leader of Islamic State (IS), is reported to have been killed in a US air strike in northern Iraq. According to US officials Hayali, also known as Hajji Mutazz, is assumed to be as the second in command of the terrorist group who was killed in an attack on his car in Mosul. They said that his death would effect the ongoing IS operations in Iraq. It is said that a number of IS leaders had been taken out by US-led air coalition strikes in both Iraq and copywriting Syria in recent months. The US National Security Council’s Ned Price said in a statement that Hayali was a primary coordinator for moving large amounts of weapons, explosives, vehicles and people between Iraq and Syria for their operations. Mr Ned Price also added that Hayali was the key instrumental in planning operations in Iraq over the past two years, including the IS offensive in Mosul in June 2014. He is assumed to be the senior deputy to IS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi who was once reportedly succumbed to serious injuries in another air strike by the US-led coalition earlier this year. As per the conclusions of Mr. Ned Price Hayali’s death would create an adverse impact in IS operations as he was highly influenced over finance, media, spy mobile phone without installing software operations, and logistics of the IS group. It is also said that a second IS member known as Abu Abdullah, coordinated with media, was killed in the same air strike as Hayali. After several months, it is being declared by the Iraqi defense officials that another IS second-in-command, Abdul Rahman Mustafa Mohammed, was order finance homework dead in an air strike carried out in northern Iraq. They are now revealed that Mustafa Mohammed, also known as Abu Alaa al-Afari, was killed while he was inside a mosque in Tal Afar. At that time, there were unconfirmed reports that IS leader Baghdadi had become dis-enabled and Afari was taken temporary charge of IS operations. As per the US reports, more than 10,000 IS fighters had been killed after the international coalition began its campaign against the group last summer.   Video on the news regarding the death of Deputy IS leader