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Edakkal Caves


Awe inspiring Edakkal caves which locate at a height of 1200 meters above sea level are about 25 kilometers away from Kalpetta. They are looked like two vertically formed crevasses developed on a rocky mountain. The 96 feet long caves are with 30 feet height and 22 feet width. Edakkal caves are said to have discovered by a British Malabar police Superintendent while he was on his way for hunting in the forest. He had also found out some rocky tools used during the Stone Age. The unique carvings and inscriptions seen on the walls of these caves are really wonderful. They are of human and animal images with objects used by humans. These carvings as well as inscriptions which are being attracted by archaeologists and historians globally, represent the life of a highly civilized people of prehistoric era. Thus, the Edakkal caves are considered as the absolute evidence for the ancient culture and tradition that said to have existed in Wayanad.


Video on Edakkal Caves