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Facebook to make arrangements for sending money to friends


New Delhi: The global internet social media ‘Facebook’ will soon make arrangements to send money to friends through a messenger.
This is very much similar to the method that enables sending a photograph to the beloveds.
According to the newly available reports, Facebook has decided to build a fund transferring method right into its Messenger app by turning on the feature which is uncovered by a novel hack.
Andrew Aude, a computer science student at Stanford, has used IOS app exploration developer tool Cycript to turn on the feature.
The new feature in Messenger system will allow users to add either a debit card in Messenger, or use the one they have already linked to their Facebook account in the past.
Facebook hasn’t yet turned on the feature, but has built in security measures that support to get secured in-app payments.
The payment feature has supported up soon after David Marcus, the former President of PayPal, took over as head of Messenger at the social network giant.


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