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Four year-old boy’s Kung-Fu actions resemble Bruce-Lee


Beijing: A four year-old boy from China shows Kung-Fu actions which absolutely resemble the actions of the Kung-Fu legend Bruce-Lee.
Sources have the opinion that Bruce Lee has been reincarnated.
At this age children usually play with toys. But unlike other boys of his age, he likes to play with nun-chunk, a Kung-Fu weapon which Bruce-Lee had played superbly.
Similar to that, this little wonder boy is seen swinging nun-chucks so fast as Bruce-Lee had done in the movie Enter the Dragon.
Over the years, many have tried to copy down the exclusive actions of the late Kung Fu legend.
But nobody has succeeded fully to show those actions perfectly till today.
That is why everybody saying that the four year old has to be the cutest ‘incarnation’ of Bruce Lee ever.
Moreover, he prefers to wear the yellow and black wardrobe of Bruce-Lee as seen in the Enter the Dragon.
The nun-chuck swirling by the boy is the almost representation of the exact move-to-move action seen in the movie.
The short Bruce Lee has also Fists of Fury, just as the late great had done.
The boy executes the moves perfectly as seeing in the TV screen kept behind him.
All his actions recall real Bruce’s scenes.
Can this boy be a Bruce-Lee one day? That is what everybody’s question.


Video on the Bruce-Lee actions of the four year old boy